第一段:描述大家重视阅读的现象(此处用王菲老师 “三八大盖”—现象描述功能段。

  ⑤ However, the bus fare is still quite low。

  18。 C) They prefer to be with other mice。

  Confronted with reading ability,we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation。 First and foremost, online reading apps should be developed so that people can get reading materials from anywhere at any time。 Secondly, local governments could provide more fund supporting to reading organizations so more types of books can be developed。


  1.A) The return of bottled message to its owner‘s daughtter。


金沙澳门官网下载app,  ④ 航空服务不断改进,而且经常会有廉价机票。

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  The first step is to keep regular hours to read, as is well-known to all of us that a good habit-formation requires at least 21 days。 Following the regular reading routine, therefore, we enable to accelerate reading speed and improve reading ability step by step。 The second step is to read a variety of reading materials, for it can cultivate our comprehensive reading ability。 Nowadays, diverse types of reading are provided to us, such as newspaper, magazine, journal and so on and so forth。 What is also worth mentioning is that the development of the Internet brings convenience and availability for us to read online, which get rid of the limitation of time and space。 Third, I tend to reckon that we are supposed to take notes when we read。 Apparently, when we write something down, it will inevitably reinforce our memory and help us to reflect on our reading process, which in turn will further our reading metacognition and overall ability。

  ⑤ Today, taking the subway in China is becoming more and more convenient。


  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the importance of reading ability and how to develop it。 You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words。


  在进行针对寨卡病毒的空中昆虫喷洒操作期间,数百万蜜蜂在南卡罗来纳州死亡。周末喷洒的昆虫使得南卡罗来纳州多尔切斯特县的蜜蜂死亡超过200万只蜜蜂,该地区已确认了四例与寨卡病有关的旅行相关病例。大部分死亡来自花镇蜜蜂农场,这是一家位于萨默维尔的公司,出售蜜蜂和蜂蜜产品。该公司拥有该公司的Juanita Stanley说,农场看起来已经被摧毁,该农场失去了约250万只蜜蜂。多切斯特县官员为意外大规模杀死蜜蜂而道歉。多切斯特县知道,周日喷洒的该地区的一些养蜂人失去了他们的蜂群。县经理杰森沃德在一份声明中说:我不高兴这么多蜜蜂被杀死

  There are a multitude of things we can do to develop our reading competence。 The crucial thing, however, is to discover one that fits you most and consist on it。


  25。 B) Using a connected app。


  ⑤ In recent years, during the holiday season,the number of people who choose to travel by air has continued to increase。

  11。 B) Go and see the dance。


  ⑤ 然而,……票价……低廉。

  News 2 数百万蜜蜂在南卡罗来纳州死亡

  Linguistic output hinges on imput, while eading and listening are the two parts of linguistic imput。 When we listen, the information we could receive is limited because of our brains could only accept one syllable at one time。 But we could receive a great deal of information when we read。 People have developed many reading skills of enhance their imput ability, such as skim, scan, intensive reading, etc。 As long as we consciously train ourselves these reading skills, we may accumulate a huge knowledge reserve, then we could express our ideas well--to ensure our linguistic output。


  Q2。 Why did Pollard Pearce give Clint Buffington the reward?


  ① Buses were the main means of transportation for Chinese people。

  24。 C) They are alerted with a light and a sound。


  ⑥ In some cities, passengers can simply use the card or mobile phone to take the subway。

  16-20 BACDB


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  NEWS 2

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  2018.6.16 四级翻译第3篇原文:

  News1 来自50年前的漂流瓶

  Reading ability has attracted extensive attention of the society, which can be found in TV programs, newspapers, university classes and many aspects of our everyday life。 (现象 / 问题描述功能段)

  ⑥ 现在,在……城市,……市民……可以……乘坐公交车。

  21-25 ABDCB

  In terms of language learning, reading is fundamental and essential。

  ③ Subway has the advantages of safety, speed and comfort。

  23。 D) A device to ensure people drive with both hands。

  第二段:分析重视阅读的原因。(此处用王菲老师 “三八大盖”—分析原因功能段。)

  ② Today, with the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, more and more Chinese people, including many farmers and migrant workers, can travel by air。

  12。 D) She worries she won‘t fit in as a transter student。

  With the efforts of all parts concerned, reading ability will be developed thoroughly。 (解决问题功能段)

  ④ 越来越多的人选择地铁作为每天上班或上学的主要交通工具。

  9.D) They can‘t make it to the theatre in time。

  第三段:提高阅读的办法。(此处用王菲老师 “三八大盖”—解决问题功能段。)

  ① 过去,乘飞机出行……是难以想象的。

  21。 A) In the 1970s。

  A number of factors are accountable for this situation。 One of the most common factors is that reading enables readers to get more problem-solving and stress-dealing tips which are indispensable both to their career and family。 Another contributing cause is that the government encourages the activity of reading, like holding some reading forums or reading festivals。 The reading activities tell people that reading is not that far from us, not that boring for us, it is more accessible and lovely。 (分析原因功能段)


  4.C) It lost a huge stock of bees。

  There is no denying the importance of reading。 Without it, it is difficult to live a happy life no matter how much money or success one has。 In order to develop our reading competence, it is imperative to take the following steps。


  2.B) She wanted to honor her father‘s promise。

  Overall, my advice is, when one intend to improve one‘s reading ability, pick up any reading materials at once。

  ④ ……人选择地铁作为……交通工具。

  Question 4。 What does the news reports say about flower town bee farm。

  ④ 车辆的设施不断更新,车速也有了显著提高。

  16。 B) To find out which physical drive is the most powerful。

  ① 公交车是……交通工具。

  15。 D) She has just transterred to the college。

  ① 近年来,……城市……建设地铁。

  一个五十多年前被新罕布什尔州人发送到海边的瓶子里的消息被发现在1500英里以外的地方,并已归还给他的女儿。长期失去的信息是在犹他州克林特布菲顿度假时发现的。 Buffington表示,他发现一只苏打瓶被埋在沙子里,看起来就像是从一开始就在那里一样。瓶子里的纸条说:“回到419 Ocean Street,并获得理查德和蒂娜皮尔斯,这家海滩精品店汽车旅馆的业主的150美元奖励。”汽车旅馆在1960年由保拉皮尔斯的父母拥有。她的父亲写过这个音符是一个笑话,并把它扔进了大西洋。 Buffington飞往新罕布什尔州,将信息传递给Paula Pierce。她坚持父亲的承诺,给予Buffington这样的奖励,但最大的回报是一瓶回家的消息。

  ② 如今,随着经济的发展和生活水平的提高,越来越多的中国人包括许多农民和外出务工人员都能乘飞机出行。

  22。 B) Messaging while driving。


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